Akiva School

Akiva School

School Council

The School Council is led by the headteacher, Claire Silver. Two children from each class in Years 2-5 and three children from Year 6 are elected to the Council at the beginning of each academic year.  The Council meets fortnightly to plan and organise activities; discuss changes that can be made in order to improve the school and to share the views of their peers. The Council appoints a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Events Manager, Competition Manager and Kabbalat Shabbat Manager. 

The aims of the School Council are to work together to try and make our school a better place for the children and the staff. Members of the School Council bring ideas from their classmates to the meetings about how they want the school to be improved.  The School Council leads Kabbalat Shabbat every 3 weeks, during this assembly’ they share information about what they are working on with the rest of the school.

At the start of the year we decide what charities we would like to support throughout the year.  This year (2019-2020) we have decided to support Water Aid, WWF and Intra (a charity based in Israel).


At the meetings we:

  • Share our ideas and support each other
  • Find out what children think by asking questions
  • Work as a school community
  • Listen to each other


Some of our initiatives over the past year have included:

  • Making changes to the school lunches, introducing a new menu (including the popular sandwiches and soup)
  • Organising a ‘Mad Hair Day’ to raise money for charity
  • Assisting with the "Akiva’s Got Talent," creating the show presentation and presenting the acts to the school
  • Working with the Summer Fair committee
  • Building up a database of the opinions of class mates


One of the big projects that we will be working on this year is how to improve the playground.